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Please be aware of the following

  • You should pack the following items regardless of the time of the year you arrive : adequate clothes for any kind of weather, hats, beach lotions, mosquito sprays;

  • The water on board the hotel, altough potable, is used only for showers and toilets. We will provide you with drinkable stil and mineral water;

  • We accept pets on board only if the whole group are aware of it and accept it;

  • Children must be supervised at all times.
Safety regulations
  • You are advised not to sit near the key spots in the front and back of the ship during departure or moorage;

  • Climb up and down the stairs carefully using the handrail;

  • Look after the children;

  • It is prohibited to trow over the board any kind of garbage, ciggarate buts or matches;

  • Do not bend over the handrail since there is always the danger of falling in the water;

  • You should not come on the deck when strong waves are encountered or the floating hotel is shaking. Lifejackets can be found in your room;

  • In case of an emergency caused by someone who falling in the water, throw a life ring as close as possible to that person and alert everybody;

  • Avoid crowding the board in which dock and avoid congestion during a march board;

  • Acces in the command room is not permited;

  • Do not run on the deck in order to avoid injuries and chaos;

  • The passengers and members of the staff who are drunk won’t be allowed to travel with boats or with the speedboat;

  • Passengers will be remained that they should follow the advice given by the commander or by the group leader during the trip.
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